Where do UFOs come from?

Are aliens and extraterrestrial even real?

Christians can explain the UFOs that skeptics cannot

Where do UFOs come from? Are aliens from other planets visiting earth? Are UFOs real?

A view that fits with the teachings of the Bible, and which most Christians would say is logical, is this:

No other planet in our solar system has shown evidence of life, and we certainly cannot prove there is life on any planet outside our solar system. There is absolutely no evidence that any UFOs come from outside earth apart from Satan's involvement.

Why search for life on other planets?

Billions of dollars have been wasted searching for extraterrestrial intelligence, with not even a hint of success. Yet the search goes on.

The basis behind the expectation that there is life on other planets is based solely on the false evolutionary view that life evolved on earth so it must have evolved on some other planet.

The Christian view is that life was created on earth by God, and Jesus came to die for the sins of people on earth, not somewhere else in the vast universe.

After all, earth is where people sinned, and this is where Jesus came to pay for their sins, so it is unlikely that people exist anywhere else in the universe. The Bible tells us that Jesus died once for all, so it doesn't make sense to think He's also dying constantly for other people all around the universe.

Amazing human achievement

Visiting other planets in our solar system is an amazing achievement. It helps us appreciate the vastness of space and lets us see other parts of God's creation that seemed impossible a century ago.

But as for finding intelligent life elsewhere, it's not going to happen. Isaiah 45:12 in the Bible tells us God said, “I have made the earth and created man on it.”

The first chapter of the Bible tells us that God created earth before He even created the sun, moon and stars, so earth is His central focus and we are made in His image.

And this is something we can be extremely thankful for.

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