A featherless mutant chicken challenges a key mechanism of evolution.

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A mutant chicken with no feathers challenges evolution!

TNR -- the Totally Naked Rooster. Mutations did not improve him.

Meet TNR — a chicken with no feathers. He did not lose his feathers because someone was anxious to have him for a meal — feathers simply do not grow on him!

TNR (Totally Naked Rooster) is a mutant, which means a mistake in his genes or chromosomes has caused him to be featherless.

Velma Nile from California said that TNR spent nine months as the center of attention in a biology class. “His major problems were that he needed to be in a warm place, he got sunburned, and mosquitoes would bite him,” Velma said. “But an even greater problem was that he was unable to mate because of his lack of feathers to flap his wings.”

Evolutionists believe that mutations (genetic mistakes) have contributed to the development of creatures into what they are today. But as in TNR's case, almost every mutation known has caused either harm or no improvement. Mutations cause a loss of information, not evolutionary improvement. Take it from TNR!

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Chicken drowns six people

A chicken caused six people to drown when it fell down a 20-meter (60-foot) well in the Egyptian village of Nazlat Imara. Police said farmer Allam Sabet al-Sayyed climbed down the well to rescue the chicken. His sister Zeinab, brothers Sayyed and Ahmad, and two other farmers who came to help, followed him. They all drowned, apparently victims of a strong undercurrent in the water. The chicken survived.

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