Evolution is an interesting idea, but is it a demonstrated fact of science?

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Is evolution a fact, like gravity?

Quick-read this article:
People who say evolution is a fact like the force of gravitation could silence creationists easily. All they have to do is produce indisputable proof.

Researchers at Langley in 1964Evolutionists often send emails to us at Creation Tips telling us we are uneducated idiots who don't have a clue what evolution is all about. They variously accuse us of being “morons,” “gullible,” “dishonest,” “insane,” “opposed to science,” and similar unflattering words. Some have even said our website should be “dismantled” and we should apologize because we don't believe in evolution. (So much for free speech!)

Some of these people have used fake or uncontactable email addresses, so we cannot reply. Among those to whom we have replied, when we tried to clarify misspellings such as whether colacat means coelacanth or whether “nural section” means “natural selection,” their offensive language has increased.

The test

There was so much of this for a while that we decided to put our email critics to a test: Whenever we could get specific criticisms out of them — such as if they claimed that life has been proved to evolve from non-life, or that Archaeopteryx and lungfishes were genuine evolutionary transitional forms, or that evolution is as much a fact as gravity is — we made a request from them and an offer:

  • We asked them to back up their proofs of evolution with genuine examples from respected science journals, encyclopedias, or science textbooks. (We do not dispute that new species can appear, such as a new species of butterfly, because the genetic information for making a butterfly is in all butterflies. What we dispute is that the information in one kind of creature can over time produce a completely different kind of creature with different genetic information — such as simple sea animals' eventually giving rise to humans.)
  • We said that if they backed up their claim with good research and genuine examples, and we could verify it, we would put their proofs of evolution on our website to show that we were wrong and they were right.

Then an extraordinary thing happened.

Their responses

We found that the next email from them almost always contained much stronger criticisms and allegations, but no genuine attempt to back up their earlier claims.

This second email, or occasionally the third, usually told us we were too committed to the Bible to understand evolution, or that the Catholic Church persecuted Galileo (so presumably it's OK for them to persecute us), or that we probably believe in the tooth fairy, or that anyone can see that because humans have bred a lot of dogs then this proves that godless evolution happened. Sometimes we were simply told that evolution is a fact like the law of gravitation, and if we can't see that then they are not going to waste any more time on us.

Well, is evolution a fact? Can an animal with no genetic information for feathers turn into a bird? Could a protozoon eventually turn into a human? Could a frog or any other amphibian, given enough time, turn into a prince?

How to silence the critics

Gravitation is easily demonstrated. Evolution is not.Consider this comparison: What would happen if a science teacher were teaching about the force of gravitation, and some students said they didn't believe in gravitation? Without doubt the teacher would take a ball or a paperweight or a book or some other object, explain what gravitation is supposed to do, then throw the object in the air so everyone could watch what happens.

Those students would never doubt the existence of gravity again.

But what happens if students say they doubt some of the claims for evolution? Well, one example is what happened to high-school junior Danny Phillips in Denver.

Danny's school class was assigned to watch a government-funded television program that presented evolution as fact. It said something to the effect that the first organized primitive life-form was a tiny protozoan from which all life on earth has evolved.

Hate campaign

Danny knew that claim was going beyond the scientific evidence, and criticized the program as propaganda.

Did evolutionists then quietly present him with proof that he was wrong? Not at all. After initial sympathy from the school, the news became public and things turned nasty. Evolutionists sent a barrage of vicious letters to the city's newspapers (like the emails they send to us), and high-profile anti-creationist Eugenie Scott publicly cast the student as an opponent of learning!

No proof of evolution! Just more name-calling, ridicule, and irrelevant “evidences” heaped upon a student who rightly didn't like to see speculation taught as scientific fact.

Evolution is a belief system

If you accept evolution without question you will generally be safe from academic criticism. But if you push evolutionists for evidence that a creature lacking the genetic information for some major features has turned into a creature with that genetic information, they quickly run out of examples of where that new information came from. Instead, they tend to resort to sneering, irrelevant claims, verbal abuse, diversions, sarcasm, and even threats.

We have found this pattern consistently, and people like Danny Phillips and countless others have also experienced it when they simply ask for scientific proof of evolution.

Evolution — meaning that such diverse creatures as whales, worms, hummingbirds, hadrosaurs, platypuses and presidents have evolved from the same first life-form — is a belief system. It certainly has not been proved to be a scientific fact.

Photo credit: NASA

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See also Variation, information and the created kind for a more technical treatment of creationist beliefs about evolution.

See also A Critique of Douglas Theobald’s 29 Evidences for Macroevolution for a response to claims of macroevolution.

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