Is this Noah's Ark?

A boat-shaped rock in Turkey has been claimed to be Noah's Ark

Boat-shaped rock in Turkey SOME PEOPLE CLAIM THAT THIS PHOTO of a boat-shaped formation near Mount Ararat in Turkey shows Noah's Ark.

If you know the Bible account, you know that Noah's Ark was the huge boat that protected Noah and his family during the year-long flood that covered the whole earth. It landed on the mountains of Ararat, which lie in extreme eastern Turkey.

Like the Bigfoot photo in this series of DinosaurCam, this photo is obviously not a dinosaur, and neither is it a fake. But because of the spectacular claim that it may be Noah's Ark, you need to know why it is not.


Above: Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey (circled in red), where the Bible says Noah's Ark landed

Creation magazine published an exhaustive report by respected Australian geologist Dr. Andrew A. Snelling in its issue of September-November 1992. The 13-page report looked at the claims of the late Ron Wyatt, who was the prime lobbyist for this site's being the Ark. Dr. Snelling worked with other creationist geologists who had examined the site, and the overwhelming scientific opinion was that this rock formation is not the Ark.CTicon

Photo credits: Color photo courtesy John Baumgardner. Black and white photo courtesy Turkish Air Force.

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