The most famous Loch Ness monster photo was a fake and a hoax.

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Fake monster pictures exposed

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Loch Ness monster No. 1

Deathbed confession reveals that the 1933 photo of Nessie near Invermoriston was faked

Famous Loch Ness monster pictureThis is one of the most famous monster photos in the world. The photographer said it was a photo of Scotland's famous Loch Ness monster, taken in 1933 near Invermoriston by a surgeon at 200 to 300 meters (half a mile).

Skeptics claimed it was an otter, or rotting vegetation raised to the surface by gases. The photographer confessed, when he thought he was close to death, that it was a fake: it had been a toy submarine that he and a friend had rigged up as a hoax.

Like the other famous Loch Ness Monster photo, it is not a bad fake. It is impossible to identify the scale of the photo, so the object could have been small or huge. The use of a real shadowy object meant no one could prove the photographer had touched up the photograph. There is rippled wash around the monster, genuine reflection in the water, and an extended neck reminiscent of a plesiosaur.

But there may be a major giveaway in this photo. Plesiosaurs and marine creatures have flippers or paddle-like limbs. The monster in this photo has a cylindrical paw raised out the water — not the right implement for surviving full-time in the loch!

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Boom in monster industry

The Loch Ness monster has become a multimillion dollar industry. Mackay Consultants of Inverness, Scotland, once claimed the industry is worth almost $50 million each year. Half a million tourists flock to the loch each year hoping to catch a glimpse of the monster — even though scientific evidence for it is negligible. This has spawned an employment boom, with the monster industry creating 2,500 jobs.

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