The missing link will never be found because it never existed. Humans did not evolve from lower animals.

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Has the ‘missing link’ been found?

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Newspapers regularly report that evolutionary “missing links” have been found. If the links really had been found there would be no need to continue the search or to report that a new missing link has been discovered. What is really missing in these news reports is the part about God the Creator, and that Jesus Christ is the link between sinful humans and the righteous God.

Apes didn't evolve into humans

English novelist George Orwell said, “Early in life I had noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper.”

Well, newspapers and the electronic media have deadlines, and their reporters get things wrong at times, like anyone else. But some of the most inconclusive and misleading newspaper reports ever published have been about alleged breakthroughs in evolution.

One was a misleading story about “Nebraska man,” which appeared in The London Illustrated News way back on June 24, 1922. A single worn tooth of a pig had been unearthed, but the newspaper told readers “the earliest man” had been found.

Missing link guess

Melbourne's Sunday Herald-Sun of June 23, 1991 headlined a story “Missing link” found. Most readers might have imagined from that headline that something like a part-ape, part-human had been discovered. The story seemed to put the theory of evolution beyond dispute.

Yet what was found wasn't a creature that linked man and ape-like animals at all. The discoverer said this animal “probably” walked on four feet and “probably” had a long sloping back. Nothing definite, yet the newspaper headline said the “missing link” had been found.

Why continue the search?

If the “missing link” that allegedly proves that humans and apes have evolved from the same animal has been found, why continue the search?

News reports regularly feature evolutionary “missing link” stories, as evidence of either human or animal evolution.

Piltdown man, Neanderthal man, Cro-magnon man, Java man, “Lucy,” Ramapithecus, Nebraska man, the Toumai fossil … have all been touted as “missing links” at some time. Nebraska man was a pig's tooth, Piltdown man was a fraud, and the others are either human or ape — not “missing links.”

The theory of evolution is incapable of finding the link to prove how everything could evolve from nothing, how life could evolve from non-life, or how one kind of creature could evolve into a completely different kind when it lacks the genetic coding to do so.

But the part that is missing from “missing link” news reports is the part about God the Creator. If the Bible is correct that it is God's Word to humans, it is also correct in telling us that Jesus Christ is the link between sinful humans and the one, true, righteous God. That is the link that is missing in many lives. It is the Good News that also needs to be correctly reported.

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