How could the worldwide flood of Noah's time cover all the world's highest mountains?

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How could Noah's Flood cover mountains like Everest?

Mount Everest was not in existence before the worldwide flood

Mount Everest lies between Tibet and Nepal in southern Asia. It is 9 kilometers high. The waters from the worldwide Flood of Noah's time would cover a fairly level earth only to about 3 kilometers. So how could the water form Noah's Flood cover Mount Everest?

The answer is that Mount Everest was formed after or during the Flood — it wasn't in existence in its present form before the Flood. We know this because its higher parts contain fossils of sea creatures and seashells, showing that it is made of rock that was once under water.

Before the Flood, the mountains were not as high as today, and the ocean valleys were not as deep. Mount Everest and other high mountains were pushed up by the enormous underwater volcanic activity of the Flood (“the fountains of the great deep” — Genesis 7:11) and carved out by the rapid draining away of the waters into the ocean valleys.

So the water didn't have to cover Mount Everest and the other high mountains we see today, because they didn't exist before the Flood. There were hills in the pre-Flood world of course (Genesis 7:19), and it was these that the Bible speaks of when it says the mountains were covered to a depth of 15 cubits (6.75 meters) during the Flood.

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