Did dinosaurs really exist? Or are they a myth?

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Did dinosaurs ever really exist?

If they did, how can Christian creationists reconcile dinosaurs with a young earth?

Quick-read this article:
Some Christians think dinosaurs didn't exist because: 1. Evolutionists say dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. 2. These Christians believe the world was created only thousands of years ago.
But they have confused the argument. Dinosaurs definitely did exist. They are not creatures of myth or fantasy.

Dinosaurs did exist. Go to almost any large museum and you can see either real fossil bones of dinosaurs or reconstructions of dinosaurs from bones in other museums. Stegosaurus

Despite this, some Christians are reluctant to accept the evidence for dinosaurs because they think it conflicts with their belief that the earth is younger than evolutionists say.

Their reasoning is this:

  1. Evolutionists say dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.
  2. I believe the Bible when it implies the earth is only thousands of years old.
  3. Therefore dinosaurs couldn't have existed.

But their line of reasoning should be:

  1. There is overwhelming evidence that dinosaurs existed. They even went on Noah's Ark.
  2. I believe the Bible when it implies the earth is only thousands of years old.
  3. Therefore evolutionists are wrong about the age of the earth.

They have simply expressed the argument the wrong way.

Dinosaurs in the Bible?

Some creationists believe that the Bible mentions dinosaurs. In Job 40:15, God describes a creature He calls “Behemoth”. God's description of Behemoth does not fit any known living animal.

Some commentators have suggested it describes a hippopotamus, but Behemoth moved its “tail like a cedar” tree — a hippo's tail is like a piece of rope. What medication do these people take to make them think this is describing a hippopotamus's tail? It's impossible (or, as some Christians have said, it's an “impotamus” — an “impossible hippopotamus”.)

God was describing a real creature here. If Behemoth was an invention — a mythical creature or an animal of fantasy — then it would have meant nothing to Job. So whatever the creature was, it was living during Job's time about 4000 years ago.

Scientists have found dinosaur fossils and fossilized dinosaur eggs that show us there was an amazing variety of dinosaurs. Some were as small as rats (such as the Mussaurus). Others, like the Brachiosaurus, were so large that their heads would have towered over some of the tallest trees. Some of these big dinosaurs had tails as strong and thick as cedar trees.

No dinosaur evolution?

Interestingly, even though there was such a variety of dinosaurs, evolutionists have never found evidence that another creature turned into a dinosaur. Dinosaurs all just appear in the fossil record clearly identifiable as dinosaurs. Even the alleged “feathered dinosaurs” have clearly been described as dinosaurs — not as something turning into dinosaurs.

If you want to reject evolution and believe the account in Genesis that God created all creatures as fully functioning — and much as we know them today — then the evidence is on your side.

Did dinosaurs exist?

They most certainly did. God made some incredible creatures!

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