Should Christian teens support creation science?

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What should Christian teens believe about creation science?

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If you attend a Bible-believing Christian school, or a strong, Bible-believing Christian church, you probably have no problem accepting creation science. You also probably know the weaknesses in the theory of evolution.

But if you have never heard the scientific reasons for accepting biblical creation over evolution, you may think evolution is fact and anything else is nonsense.

As Bible-believing Christians, we accept God's Word, the Bible, as authoritative and true. God's knowledge and wisdom are far above our own, so we accept Him as the expert on anything He wants to comment on. People who imply they know better than God are displaying careless arrogance. We cannot take them seriously.

In the beginning …

Something that God does comment on is how the world began.

The only one who was here in the beginning was God. No scientist. No skeptic. No representative from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Just God. So if we want to find out what happened in the beginning, whom should we ask? The one to ask is God. Not an evolutionary scientist or a skeptic, or a representative from the ACLU. Just God.

And God tells us in His book, the Bible, that He created the universe — in six days and in perfect condition. He tells us that He created:

  1. light on the first day
  2. the firmament (visible arch of the sky) on the second day
  3. trees and plants on the third day
  4. the sun, moon, and stars on the fourth day
  5. birds and water creatures on the fifth day
  6. land animals and humans on the sixth day.

Pic of spectacular world map

Creation science upholds God’s Word

As Christians, we believe that anyone who is wise enough to use God as their authority, instead of using human theories, is going to get the important facts right.

When we look for people who do use God as their authority we find conservative Christians and creation scientists clearly falling into this category. Thousands of highly qualified scientists and scientific researchers believe the creationist view. So it is not true to say (as atheists and non-Christians sometimes do) that those who believe God's Word are uninformed, untrained people.

Creation science organizations exist worldwide, and their arguments for creation and the truth of the Bible, as opposed to the theory of evolution, are excellent.

We therefore believe that Christian teens should support the creation science view. It conforms so well with what God tells us in His Word (the Bible), that we believe it is the only view of science that Christian teens should support.

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