Find your way by using your wrist watch as a compass.

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Turn your watch into a compass. Use it to find direction!

Use your watch as a compass

God has given us a wonderful capacity to work out how to benefit from His creation in unusual ways. Even many of the founders of modern science said their discoveries were simply “thinking God's thoughts after Him.”

One way you can use God's creation to help you if you lose your way is to use the sun and your wristwatch to find direction. With them, you can easily find north, south, east, or west. This will work only with analog watches — those showing all the hours around in a circle (don't use a digital watch!). Please note also that this method is very rough; it cannot replace a compass for accuracy!

Here's what to do …

Place a blade of grass or a match across the watch face midway between the hour hand and the 12.
  1. Get a blade of grass, or a short straight twig, or a match to use as a pointer.
  2. Hold your watch horizontally, with the hour hand pointing in the sun's direction.
  3. Lay the blade of grass or match across the middle of your watch, halfway between the hour hand and the 12. The grass blade or match will then be pointing south.

Other ways you can use natural objects to tell time include using the sun to tell time if you don't have a watch, and creating a flower clock in your garden.

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