Christians live longer, have better health and better career prospects

Going to church and praying has huge benefits

MANY STUDIES HAVE SHOWN that people who attend church regularly are more likely to have better health and to live longer than non-churchgoers.

Going to church and praying has huge benefitsBeing a conservative Christian can also boost your career prospects and prosper your business.

It may be hard to believe, but dozens of studies have shown that regularly going to church and praying puts you in a group that has better health and a longer life-span.

Studies of more than 126,000 people have shown that those who regularly attend church are 29 per cent more likely to live longer than non-churchgoers. A University of Texas study found that church attenders live up to seven years longer than non-attenders, and the most regular attenders have the longest life expectancy.

A Duke University study of 2391 people who were at least 65 years old found that regular churchgoers who also prayed daily or studied the Bible daily were 40 per cent less likely to have high blood pressure than those who did not. Elderly churchgoers had better mental health and were less likely to have high degrees of a protein associated with age-related illness.


It is probably not hard to understand why. Churchgoers generally are much more restrained when it comes to problem-causing areas of modern society. There is a willingness, certainly among most evangelical Christians, to put the brakes on long before problems develop that are associated with drunkenness (for example, medical problems such as cirrhosis of the liver and shrinkage of the brain, or serious road injuries caused by driving while drunk), brawling, drugs, AIDS, gambling, cigarette-related cancers, and such, because these are lifestyles that most churchgoers try to avoid.

This does not mean that an atheist won't reach 100, or a Christian won't die as a teenager, or that all churchgoers will have better health. But it does mean that if you had to choose who would live longest between a born-again Christian and an atheist, other things being roughly equal, you would win a lot more times if you always bet on the Christian.

Born-again Christians also have God's Holy Spirit dwelling in them to help them avoid the problem areas mentioned above. And because they know they can always turn to God in prayer during times of crisis, this may be the reason there is a lower incidence of stress-related problems in their lives.

We must point out that even though the studies cited above generally referred to “churchgoers”, not necessarily Christians, the studies were done mostly in the United States and other countries where Christianity is the dominant religious belief. The study results also specifically refer to people who attend “church”, not mosque, temple, or other non-Christian religious buildings, although an unknown number of these may have also taken part.

Psychiatric recovery

Belief in God seems to improve patients' recovery from short-term psychiatric illness, according to a study published in Science Daily on April 25, 2013.

The study, by David H. Rosmarin, PhD, McLean Hospital clinician and instructor in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, found that those who had a strong or moderately strong belief in God had improved wellbeing, less depression and less likelihood of self-harm.

On the other hand, patients who had no belief in God, or only slight belief, were twice as likely not to respond to treatment.

Happier marriages

A sociology professor at the University of Virginia, Bradford Wilcox, released the results of research in June 2008 that men who regularly attend Christian services have happier and stronger marriages and are more involved in the lives of their children than men who do not.

“Seventy per cent of husbands who attend church regularly report they are 'very happy' in their marriages, compared to 59 per cent of husbands who rarely or never attend church,” Professor Wilcox said. He added that the studies indicated that wives also experienced more marital happiness when their husbands attended regular religious services.

This seems to be one significant reason why the studies showed that married couples who attended regular Christian services were approximately 35 per cent less likely to divorce then those couples who did not.

Boost your career prospects

You also may have better career prospects if you are a Bible-believing Christian.

Most Christians are fairly conservative. They don't usually get involved in attention-seeking gimmicks or fads such as tattoos, body piercing, or fluoro hair. Even in this age of anti-discrimination and political correctness, most employers still lean toward conservative-looking applicants, particularly if it comes to a close choice. So the conservative Christian may have better than a 50-50 chance of getting the job in a close contest, if everything else is equal.

Many employers have found that the Christians they employ generally have an admirable work ethic. Also, the Christians usually don't smoke, drink, or gamble (at least not to a dangerous degree). This means the employer gains valuable work time from them while many other staff take smoke-breaks and have time off work because of hangovers and drink-related problems.

Christians are also much less likely to have gambling problems than people with no religious commitment, so stealing from the company to pay gambling debts is almost unknown from genuine born-again Christians. (See our article on job-hunting tips for Christians if you are a Christian looking for a new job.)

Attract customers to your business … and keep them!

If you run a business, there is a big advantage in being a Christian. Your honesty and commitment to the ethics of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ will spur you on to always do the right thing by your customers, and even to give them more than they expect. This can attract and keep many more customers.

It will not protect you against business downturns, high rents, and many other business-related problems, but if you can build a strong customer base it will surely help! You will be praying for God's protection daily in your business anyway.

Gain greater trust and respect from friends and co-workers

In business and socially, Christians are greatly respected and trusted because of their high principles. Most of them rapidly gain the respect of friends, and the trust of their colleagues at work.

Any truly born-again Christian will tell you that being a Christian is wonderful. They would not renounce their Christianity for anything. This has been shown over and over in times of persecution, when Christians chose death rather than renouncing Jesus Christ and their Christian faith.

Being a Christian does not guarantee freedom from problems, but it does put you in all the positive groups mentioned above. And it gives you direct access to the great and wonderful God who created the universe and all life on earth: The God who can answer any prayer, and who offers you not just a longer life, but eternal life!

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