Is the famous Bigfoot photo genuine or a hoax? Is it a part-ape /
part-human creature?

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Is Bigfoot a big fat fake?

Famous Loch Ness monster picture

This is a famous picture of Bigfoot. It is a frame from a movie film that rancher Roger Patterson took near Eureka, California, in 1967. The picture is genuine, but Bigfoot was a hoax.

Bigfoot is dead!

Bigfoot is dead. At least the creator of the Bigfoot legend is dead.

When Ray Wallace died in November 2002 at the age of 84, his family admitted he had been behind the 44-year-old hoax that led many to believe in a part-ape and part-human evolutionary misfit called Bigfoot.

The modern Bigfoot legend began in 1958. A bulldozer driver who worked for Wallace's construction company in Humboldt County, California, reported huge footprints on the ground around his bulldozer. The local newspaper named the creature Bigfoot.

After Ray Wallace died, his son Michael admitted that his father and a friend created those footprints using carved wooden feet. Ray Wallace issued a recording of Bigfoot sounds, along with films and photos allegedly showing Bigfoot. The most famous Bigfoot film is the one that Roger Patterson shot in 1967, from which our picture above was taken.

Some people claim that stories of Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, have been around long before Ray Wallace's time, and it may be that Wallace based his hoax on these stories. In any case, Wallace's Bigfoot is what got all the publicity, and it was a hoax. And no-one else has come up with anything as convincing.

Michael Wallace said Patterson photographed his mother in a Bigfoot suit, and that his father used several people in his movies. When Roger Patterson wanted to film Bigfoot, Ray Wallace told him to go to Bluff Creek, California. Surprise, surprise! Bigfoot turned up there that day and Patterson got his now-famous film.

This story is of interest to creationists because some people say Bigfoot is evidence of human–ape evolution. It never was evidence of that, but this hoax admission from Wallace's family should put that claim to rest. (Although, based on the emails we receive, some people now believe the hoax admission itself is a hoax. It's not!)


Bigfoot on ice

As if being dead isn't enough to kill the Bigfoot hoax, three Bigfoot promoters announced in August 2008 that they were about to hold a media conference giving proof that they had a corpse of a Bigfoot stuffed in their freezer.

Well, we predicted in our Newsdesk items that this would turn out to be hogwash, and we weren't disappointed.

At the media conference at Palo Alto on Friday August 15, 2008, Matt Whitton, Rick Dyer, and long-time Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi (who has unfortunately been accused of Bigfoot hoaxes in the past) offered their proof that they had a dead Bigfoot packed away in their freezer.

Exclusive Bigfoot photoNow the proof of course would be to show the media the corpse, but that's not what they did. They showed two dodgy photos, which Scientific American described as “one of a solitary figure in mixed hardwood forest and another of the mouth of what appeared to be the tongue and teeth of a primate.”

(Please note: The photo of Bigfoot at right is not one of Biscardi's photos. This one is exclusive to our DinosaurCam pages. And we should point out that some people think it is actually a heavily doctored photo of Amy Winehouse, which proves that people see what they want to see.)

The rest of their proof seemed to rely on DNA results of the Bigfoot corpse. Remember that they claimed their Bigfoot appeared to be half-human and half-ape, an impossibility of course but one which evolutionists believe in anyway, even though they generally don't believe in Bigfoot.

Should we say what the DNA results showed? Oh, what the heck, sure! One DNA result couldn't be tested because of technical problems. Another was from a human. And the third was from an opossum!

An anthropologist who attended the press conference said he thought the freezer photograph looked like “a costume with some fake guts thrown on top for effect.”

So what have we got here? We have a part-ape and part-human creature that looks like a gorilla costume stuffed in a freezer with fake guts on it, some blurry photos, and DNA proof that the creature is half-human, half-opossum, and half technical problems.

Well, you can see why this made the news.

Footnote: Whitton and Dyer eventually produced their body of Bigfoot in a block of ice. As it thawed, some hair was exposed. But when this “hair” was burned, it didn't burn like hair should. It melted into a ball.

The researchers heated the ice to speed up thawing, and when researcher Steve Kulls felt the head, he said a section of it was hollow, and he found that the feet were made of rubber.

Oh darn. Aren't we ever going to find indisputable evidence of half-ape, half-human critters?

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