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Plan to shut down abortionists who break the law

By Brad Marshall : April 21, 2010

A pro-life group is offering $10,000 to employees of abortion mills who provide information that leads to the prosecution and conviction of abortionists who violate the law.

The group, Operation Rescue, already has an impressive record of helping to expose shoddy and unlawful practices among abortionists.

In one recent case they found an unlicensed abortionist with no medical training who was running a large chain of abortion mills in southern California. “She routinely performed abortions even though she was not a doctor,” said Troy Newman of Operation Rescue.

“We compiled a massive amount of evidence against [this abortionist] and presented it to the proper law enforcement agencies,” Newman said.

She was convicted, and is now serving 7 years in prison.

In another horrific case, a woman died in an abortion mill. When authorities investigated, they found dozens of frozen fetuses in the dirty, bloody place — some dating back 30 years — which were apparently late-term abortions, and therefore illegal. Aborted baby parts were displayed in jars in the office. And unlicensed workers were illegally giving painkillers to patients.

Troy Newman says illegal activities in abortion mills are common, and an employee whose conscience finally kicks in is often more than ready to expose the evil practices in these baby-killing factories. Now the staff can at least be rewarded very well for whistle-blowing.

Prosecutable offenses include sexual assault, statutory rape, income tax evasion, Medicaid fraud, child abuse, money laundering, sexual harassment, and many others.

Why do they break the law? “These people kill little babies for a living,” Newman said. “Do you think they'd have scruples about law and order?”

Operation Rescue believes there are many people working for abortionists who don't like the practices going on, and that's why the pro-life group decided to offer a reward to those who expose the illegal practices.

“At first we're going to offer $10,000 cash for information that leads to the prosecution and conviction of an abortionist,” Newman said.

The reward money is coming from donations to the group, and fundraising has already begun.

A catch-phrase the group is using to raise donations is, “Yes, YOU can help put an abortionist out of business.”

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